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RXPROR4 Remote Controllers

Remote Gate Opener, Remote Door Opener, Turn Alarms On or Off

Car Alarms Car Alarms ACCESSORIES Spare Remote Controls
  Central Locking Kits Remote Controllers
4 Channel Multi-Function Receiver / Transmitter Set - 433.92 MHz

The RXPROR4 is an advanced multi-purpose 4-channel narrow-band UHF receiver / transmitter set with fully programmable relay outputs (1 amp rating). It is supplied as standard with 2 x code hopping, 4 button remote controls with long life lithium batteries. It can be used to add Watchguard wireless alarm accessories to virtually any alarm panel or device.

The RXPROR4 can add 4 Channel wireless control to any device, on - off , open - close,

  • Up to 200m radio frequency range (line of sight)
  • All outputs are individually programmable to suit almost any application (momentary, latched, timed or pulsed)
  • Up to 5 high security code hopping remotes (anti-scan, anti-code grabbing) can be used
  • Power supply requirement: 12VDC @ 500mA
  • Compatible with Watchguard wireless alarm detectors
  • Up to 4 wireless detectors can be used
  • Supports detector low battery, supervision & tamper signal outputs
  • Step by step programming via remote control & indication via feature and channel LED's








RXPROR4 - 4 Channel Receiver Wiring Diagram

Remote Control 4 Channel Code Hopping Transmitter (Individual Part No RCTX4-U)

Remote Button

Output Activated

1 Channel 1
2 Channel 2
3 Channel 3
4 Channel 4

NOTE: By default all channels are 1-second pulsed outputs (i.e. pressing the button will turn the output on for 1 second and then turn off). See PROGRAMMING for modifying to suit your application.


Optional Programming for RXPROR4

The following features are programmable for each individual channel. A description of each feature is included.



Adding New Remotes

Allows additional Code Hopping Remote Controls to be learnt into the system

i.e. Use this for learning in additional remote controls.

Latched or Pulsed Output

(Note: The Default Factory Setting For Each Channel is a 1 Second Pulsed Output)

Latched activating the channel activates the output, activating the channel again deactivates the output.

e.g. If a light was connected to the output, pressing the button once would turn the light on, pressing the button again would turn the light off.

Pulsed Output Activating the channel will activate the output for only 1 second.

e.g. If a light was connected to the output, pressing the button would turn the light on for 1 second, the light will then turn off.

Normally Open or

Normally Closed Outputs

Normally Open output switches to closed when the channel is activated.


Normally Closed output switches to open when the channel is activated.

i.e. Use on channel 4 when a normally closed circuit is required. Channels 1, 2, and 3 have connections for both normally open and normally closed outputs.

Timed Output

Output will activate only for a programmed time when the channel is activated.

e.g. If a light was connected to the output, pressing the button would turn the light on for the programmed time, the light will then turn off.

Momentary Output Enable

Output is activated while button on remote control is held down and deactivates when button is released.

e.g. If a light was connected to the output, while pressing the button the light would be on, releasing the button will turn the light off.

Adding Wireless Detectors

Allows Wireless Detectors to be learnt into the system to trigger one of the output channels.

i.e. Use this for learning in wireless detectors

Reed Mode Enable

Output is activated on open and deactivated on close of wireless reed switch.

i.e. Use when using wireless reed switches.

Low Battery output from Wireless Detector

Output is activated when a wireless detector learnt into any channel transmits a low battery signal.

i.e. When the battery in the wireless detector goes low, the output will activate.



This erases all remotes and detectors and returns the programming settings to the factory defaults

i.e. 1 sec pulse output for all channels.

If you have no working remotes and buy a new remote (RCTX4-U) you can start using the RXPROR4 - 4 Channel Receiver again with out sending it away for new remotes. Always handy to have a spare remote on hand so you don't have to reprogram the RXPROR4 - 4 Channel Receiver

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